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With every song and every dance; with each note and every brushstroke, we aim to create a tapestry of hope and love.

The spirit of
Project Artitude

Project Artitude is a platform that allows people to come together to share their passion for the Arts and to use the transformative magic of music to change lives. We believe that every little contribution matters. Every thought of kindness, every gesture of goodwill, like the initial brush strokes on a canvas, like the first notes of a manuscript, all combine to create a masterpiece. We believe in this symphony of Joy, this tapestry of Hope.

Our Vision for the World,
Our Mission in Life

  • To bring social change and cultural uplift through the Arts; to give hope and opportunities to the people with the least resources and the greatest needs.
  • Bridging worlds, weaving the tapestry of community through the sharing of knowledge, training, and the nurturing of creativity to help with the problems faced by many amongst us.
  • Create and nurture the community where the thoughts and ideas of all cultures can meld and merge with one another with a freedom of expression.
  • To form a world without boundaries, a community that shares the strengths and resources of artists and musicians from the region to inspire, educate and uplift the lives of the children of ASEAN countries, some of whom are at the most vulnerable socio-economic levels at the fringes of society.

Project Artitude
Project Artitude was created by Leslie Tan of the T’ang Quartet. Wildly passionate about music, he wants to share that love with a younger generation and help these young artistes harness their energies to work with refugees, students with special needs and the disenfranchised. Project Artitude is an adventure to uplift and engage; share and love; and bring light to the darkest corners of this world.

Meet Leslie Tan

Born in Singapore, Leslie Tan, a founding member of the T'ang Quartet, has performed to critical acclaim in major venues and festivals worldwide. A graduate of the Trinity College of Music in London, Leslie Tan went on to study at the Tchaikovsky-Moscow State Conservatory and Rice University in the USA. In a career that has spanned 35 years, ranging from orchestral to chamber and solo concerts; from contemporary and cross-disciplinary works to historically informed performances, Leslie is sought after both as a pedagogue and concert artiste. Leslie is also very active in outreach activities, and musical education in countries in the ASEAN region, teaching in different festivals and projects in Thailand and Myanmar. In Indonesia, where he works with local students and refugees, Leslie co-founded the Bach-in-Bali Festival and Chamber Music Institute to bring international musicians to the island to perform and mentor scholarship students from the region.


Why we do
what we do

When a child is born into poverty, or when a family flees in forced migration, they have almost no control over their education and quality of life. Those of us who have had the luxury of choice will never understand the plight of the poor and displaced. But we have the power to help.

Music unites, educates and empowers.
Music has the magic to change lives.
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Our Core Principles

In this fast changing and competitive world, Arts Education has been identified as crucial for developing critical thinking, and collaborative skills. The Arts can also inculcate innovation, discipline and positive reactions to criticism and failure - all steps the quest for excellence, allowing us to reflect upon and challenge the human condition, contributing to the health of civil society.

The Principles of Project Artitude


Provide Arts education to the disenfranchised and underprivileged, and in doing so, develop habits of mind and life skills to enable, empower and lead.


Foster a stimulating environment in the quest for knowledge and excellence.


Promote creativity, active aging and mental health through Arts.


Ensure high quality teaching that is inclusive, innovative and fun


Maintain high frequency programme work throughout the year.

Where our road takes us

Our projects have taken us from the mountains of Bogor, to the beaches of Bali; from the classrooms of Thailand to the concert halls of Singapore. With each mission we embark on, we hope to make a lasting connection. Project Artitude uses music to engage and educate; and to teach the importance of service through the Arts. We hope to inspire the youth of today to become the civic minded leaders of tomorrow.